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Welcome to our website for the Iowa Gamma Chapter of Pi Beta Phi at Iowa State University! Here you are able to learn more about our women and what makes our sisterhood so special. The Sorority and Fraternity Community at ISU is exceptional and Pi Phi is proud to stand alongside so many strong organizations. With that being said, allow me to tell you why Pi Phi feels like home. 

I have been involved in Pi Beta Phi since I ran home on bid day in 2018. What a special memory! Since then this chapter has added immense value to my collegiate experience- just as it has been doing for many other women since 1877. Pi Phi was the first fraternity for women to be established at Iowa State and we are proud to represent that legacy by living out our six core values of integrity, lifelong commitment, sincere friendship, philanthropic service to others, honor and respect, and, my personal favorite, personal and intellectual growth.  

Pi Beta Phi will forever hold a special place in my heart because it helped me through the first time I ever had to redefine home. It is a challenge to pick up your things, move to college and start over in a new place full of new faces. If I ever became overwhelmed with classes or longed for my old home, I felt a wave of relief at the memory of the support system I have in Pi Phi. No matter what is going on, I can be sure that someone will help me study, drive me to Target, or go get ice cream. I feel comforted knowing that I am surrounded by women that have my best interest at heart. Pi Phi fosters an environment that allows its women to grow, ask for support, and have fun when the time is right. These three things make the ride that is college a whole lot smoother.

Something that drew me to this organization was how passionate and dedicated each woman is. Whether carefully planning and executing philanthropy events, spending a semester studying in Alaska or a summer interning in Ireland, joining Homecoming Central or Greek Week Council, devoting loads of time as a leader in our chapter, or studying all hours of the night for a challenging exam, the focus and determination of these women shines through. Every member of the chapter has unique interests and the devotion they display to the things they care about has inspired me since day one. I am always learning and growing simply by watching these women live their lives to the fullest and I am so grateful for the example they set. 

As stated above, Pi Beta Phi is one of many strong organizations that make up the ISU Sorority and Fraternity Community. This community is a blessing as it makes a massive school of 36,000 students feel much more manageable and much more like home. The work this community does as a whole is positive, inspiring, and something we are lucky to be a part of. 

Thank you for spending some time visiting our website and learning more about the Sorority and Fraternity Community st ISU. Feel free to visit our contact page is you have any questions.

In the wine and silver blue,

Becca Barrick

Chapter President 2020

Hello and welcome to the website for the Iowa Gamma Chapter of Pi Beta Phi! Here you can find some information about our sisterhood and what most women of the chapter have come to know as our “Home Away from Home."

I am thankful to have been involved in Pi Beta Phi since fall 2016 and to be serving as the 2018 Chapter President. I encourage you to take a look around this website and see all that this group of women has to offer to the college years. This organization of 141 years (est. at Iowa State in 1877) was the first fraternity for women at Iowa State. These fine women represent integrity, lifelong commitment, honor and respect, personal and intellectual growth, philanthropic service to others, and sincere friendship. 

Pi Beta Phi has pushed me outside of my comfort zone in all the best ways.  I am pushed by my sisters to do my best, be my best, and look for the best in life.  Because of Pi Phi and the women in this chapter, I have taken leaps and bounds to become the woman I want and need to be.  I can honestly say many of my collegiate successes can be accounted to the immense encouragement by these women -- I am forever grateful for this. 

Something that drew me to this organization was the devotion to others. Iowa Gamma holds Pi Phi Sugar Rush in the fall and Pi Phi Taco Time in the spring. Both of our annual philanthropies raise funds for the Pi Beta Phi national philanthropy: Read. Lead. Achieve., which purchases books for children. In order to do more than simply giving money, our chapter also participates in Champions Are Readers (CAR), where we go and read to students at local elementary schools.  The joy these women get out of helping others is unlike anything I have seen.  It warms my heart to see my chapter change the world one small thing at a time.

Pi Beta Phi is one of the many Greek organizations at Iowa State University.  Iowa State’s Greek Community makes a large school of 36,000 students seem like a smaller community.  As I like to say, you can always make a big school seem smaller, but you can not make a small school feel bigger.  Our community makes a large state school seem a little closer to home with all of the familiar faces around us.  Together as a community, Pi Beta Phi and other amazing organizations have come together to make a difference in the community and spread positivity. 

Thank you for taking time to visit our website and taking a look into the Greek Community at Iowa State! Please feel free to visit our contact page if you have any questions or concerns.

In the wine and silver blue,

Marissa Bone