Sisterhood Stories

Creating a strong sisterhood is a top priority in our chapter. Sisterhood and friendship have been at the core of Pi Beta Phi since the first meeting of our 12 founders in 1867. Today, more than 300,000 women have worn the arrow over their hearts, creating a very long golden chain of friendship. The bonds of wine and silver blue bind us close together, bring out our leadership qualities, fine tune our strengths and motivate us to become the best versions of ourselves. The Pi Phi Blog is full of sisterhood stories. click here to check it out!

Isabella Foster, Initiated Fall 2017

"At the beginning of Yell Like Hell, I didn't know many people in Pi Phi. But, one day I was in the back and I heard someone talk about how hungry they were. I was thinking the exact same thing and she was talking about how good Jimmy Johns sounded. I turned around said "oh my god that sounds SO good right now." She asked if I wanted to go with her after practice and I thought sure, why not! She then proceeded to dab (something I still do and everyone hates me for it). I knew I liked this girl. We went to Jimmy Johns and it was the most fun night I had in a while. We hung out more during our sisterhood at the Apple Orchard and we are now the best of friends. Her name is Courtney Tompkins and I can't imagine my life without my Jimmy Johns loving, dabbing sister."

Cassie Sandberg, Initiated Fall 2016

"I love living in the house. It has given me so many great opportunities to get to know my sisters. It is very true that you only get a chance to live with 60 of your friends all together once in your life, so you have to soak it up! There are always people willing to study, watch movies, or go get food (the last one is the most popular). I have had some of the best times of my life getting to live in my sorority house. It will be something I never forget!"

Corrine Schwarting, Initiated Fall 2016

"I remember when a group of five Pi Phis went to Utah for spring break last year! For a lot of us, it was our first time back country camping, and it was a really cool growing experience to do together and learn about where people came from, why they are interested in the things they are, and to bond. I will forever cherish that trip."

Hannah Smith, Initiated Fall 2015

“I love Pi Phi because of our sisterhood. I would do anything for my girlies and I know they are there for me too. I would not have stayed at ISU if it wasn't for Pi Phi!! We truly believe in living our values and building each other up. The successes of the women around me inspires me to work harder.”